Dansk Magisterforening

Redefining the role of a labour union in a challenged market. This includes strategy, visual identity and campaigns.

Dansk Magisterforening is one of the biggest and oldest labour unions in Denmark. Founded 100 years ago in 1918, the union has played a key role in shaping one of the most fair and admired labour markets in the world. The union supports and guides its members, who are students and people with an academic education, on a wide range of labour and rights related matters.

Despite a beautiful history, unions today are realising that there is a big need for change, to match the new labour market, where people’s work life is changing rapidly together with technological innovation and the political landscape. Also, the new generations are having a hard time relating to labour unions, as they see them as something from the past.

We are working closely together with Dansk Magisterforening to face these challenges and define how an organised ecosystem based on professionalism and values can look in the future. Labour unions are still extremely relevant in order to protect the Scandinavian labour model, the ambition is clear – to be prepared for the next 100 years. So far, this has meant reshaping the youth profile in order to be more relevant within the student segment, and modernising the overall visual identity, as well as recruitment campaigns.


Bringing a labour union with 100 years of traditions into the future.

Repositioning the brand for the next generation.

Political campaigns with a twist.

Designing a contemporary visual expression.