Transforming a convenience store into a food and beverage business. We have created everything from commercial strategy to packaging and interior design.

Depanneur was founded in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, in 2015. It’s a convenience store, a bar, a cafe, but most of all, it’s a neighbourhood favourite for a good time or a coffee in the sun. After realising that the vibe in the small shop had potential for more than just one location, the ambition was clear – more locations and a Depanneur product line.

We have been part of the early foundation of Depanneur and continue to drive the strategic and creative development of the brand. Depanneur has gone from a cosy hangout spot to a food and beverage business without compromising the core values of being a small and local shop. The brand is built on a strong design foundation combined with a local and organic production approach. Depanneur now offers it’s own wine, lambrusco, beer, juice and coffee. The strategy is simple and pleasant – extend the brand and product line as casually as the shelves of a convenience store.

Shaping a business concept and design philosophy.

From one shop to food and beverage business.

From concept to product design.

Exploring the brand through community based initiatives.





Rasmus Weng