Collaborating closely with SPACE10, IKEA’s future living lab, building their identity, shaping concepts and running global digital projects.

SPACE10 is on a mission to enable a better, more meaningful and more sustainable way of living. SPACE10 was started in 2015 and since the beginning, we have been a close collaborator in defining and shaping the brand and conceptual projects.

SPACE10 is set up in collaboration with Inter IKEA Group, supporting them in gaining new perspectives, discovering new opportunities, and above all, finding new ways of fulfilling their overall vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people. SPACE10 is not set up to look for incremental improvements of IKEA’s current business, but rather look at the big, complicated challenges and come up with new ideas and solutions for tomorrow.

The projects we have worked on so far include brand and visual identity, concept development for exploration cases, graphic design and overall strategic and creative consultancy. Moreover, we have played a vital role in shaping structures to work in the most transparent and collaborative way possible.

Supporting SPACE10 in driving change within IKEA.

Conceptualizing the future of food.

Overall strategic and creative collaboration.

Design and conceptualization of external communication.

SPACE10 Pop-Ups in New York, London, Shanghai and Copenhagen.

Exploring audio experiences at IKEA museum.