The Royal Theatre

Working with the core communication and commercial team on developing, creating and running projects between global brands and one of the most renowned stages in the world.

The Royal Danish Theatre has been located at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen since 1748, originally designated as the king’s theatre, but with public access. Today, it is a kind of ‘multi-theatre’, home to drama, ballet, opera and concerts. The theatre’s overall objective is to ensure and showcase high calibre productions for Denmark and the world.

We have bridged commercial and cultural interest to create meaningful projects that wouldn’t have happened without brand collaborations. Projects that challenge the role of the national stage and highlight the heritage and artistic quality the stages have possessed for hundreds of years. Brand collaborators have been been global brands such as Audi and Red Bull.


Bridging cultural and commercial projects.

Exploring the brand potential of a cultural icon.

Bridging cultural and commercial interest to create meaningful projects.