IKEA Home Smart

IKEA Home smart was created in 2012 as a business unit within IKEA of Sweden, with the ambition to enrich the IKEA range using digital solutions and technology. Over the next two decades, IKEA is investing massively to claim a leading position within this category.

But, how can a furniture company speak meaningfully about smart technology in a life at home context? Together with the IKEA Home smart team, we set out to answer that question.

Home smart is the biggest new business unit established in IKEA, since the introduction of Children’s IKEA.

Peter van der Pool, Head of Product and Service range, Forbes 2019

IKEA Home smart works across business units to develop new and evolve existing products and services. The main challenge of the project was to define a communicative language that could promote IKEA’s strategic ambition internally and serve as communication platform for all of IKEA over the next decade.

Our work is based on insights from qualitative research and an immersive process together with the IKEA Home smart team, exploring what ‘smart’ means for everyday Life at Home.

The IKEA Life at Home reports are based on real home visits, interviews and insights from Life at Home experts and conversations with more than 22.000 people across the globe.

Rather than speaking in technological terms, the goal was to approach smart from the perspective of the many people.

For us, home comes first. When we meet some of the tech companies, they come from smart, but we come from the home.

Björn Block, Head of IKEA Home smart, Financial Times 2019

The strategic positioning and communication platform has gained a lot of attention in the global press.

Here are a few examples:

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